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Variables are the first thing you use when you start programming. Its the first thing you learn in any programming language. Syntax of assigning value to a variable differs language to language . For example, in C you will specify a type of variable and then assign a value with a ‘=’ sign.

int x = 4

In python you don’t have to mention the type of the variable when you are assigning a value to it.

y = 5

This is at a implementation level. …

Grass and Concrete
Grass and Concrete
Image of Grass and Concrete Patio

Before I dive into what my baby is learning these days, let me introduce myself. I am a freelance web developer and a mother to a very beautiful 15 months old daughter.

In a baby’s first couple of years there are many milestones they have to achieve. Starting from turning on her tummy to walking to talking to potty training. Baby learn new things every now and then. She will do new things randomly and most of them we don’t even realize unless we pay attention.

(Link for: Developmental Milestones for Baby in detail)

I won’t be focusing on all…

Fast JSON API Serializer vs AMS

Disclaimer: This article will serve as a QuickStart guide for using serializer in Ruby on Rails api based application. Here I am comparing Fast JSON API(Netflix) vs Active Model Serializer(AMS)

Let’s start with What is Serialization? Well , It’s a process of converting one data structure into another which can be stored or transmitted over the network. examples of serialization format includes JSON(JavaScript Object Notation), XML and YAML.

When we create a API(Application Programming Interface) based web application, We use JSON format for data exchange. It is easier and faster to store and transmit.

In Ruby on Rails application we…

There will be a sunrise.

I came across this poem today. In the time of panic, stress and uncertainty , this is re-assuring and in a way beautiful too. These thoughts are crossing everyone’s mind but it has been put in words in such a beautiful way that it is heart warming. This is not my poem but I liked it so much that I just wanted to spread it to as many people as I can.

The text of the poem follows:


Yes there is fear.
Yes there is isolation.
Yes there is panic buying.
Yes there is sickness.
Yes there is even death.
They say that in Wuhan…

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